How does a ‘Virtual Run’ work?

A virtual race unlike a traditional race can be run at any time during Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (April 21 through April 27 2019) and can be run anywhere. Participants can walk, use a treadmill, run outside, or even run in another race concurrently. Participants can perform this race at any speed they like.

Lab Week Run has had participants run, walk, push baby strollers, walk their dog, hike, and even kayak to complete the 5K distance or 3.1 miles. Virtual Races can be completed all together or over time whenever and however is most convenient for the participant!


Why should I sign up for this Virtual Run, how is it different from the others?

Unlike many virtual runs which only pledge 5% or other small percentages of their profits to causes the Lab Week Run is entirely not for profit. Everything we raise goes to our cause of helping Medical Laboratory Professionals attend meetings, lobby representatives for the profession, and become the future leaders this field needs.


Who makes the finisher medals?

When Lab Week Run was looking for a company to create our finisher medals we reached out to several and we heard back from one very excited individual from Ashworth Awards in Boston, Massachusetts, a company that makes medals for the Boston Marathon and for Iron Man. The individual’s mother was a hematologist, he knew exactly what our profession was, and really wanted to help us make a great finisher medal that celebrates our profession.


I’ve signed up for the run, now what happens?

Now your race packet will be mailed to the address you’ve provided through PayPal. Once your packet arrives you will receive your Lab Week Run 2019 T Shirt, Lab Week Run 2019 Race Bib, 2019 Magnetic Calendar with ASCLS Meeting dates, Four Safety Pins, and your Lab Week Run 2019 Finisher Medal. When Medical Laboratory Professionals Week begins Sunday April 21, 2019 you will have from then until Saturday April 27, 2019 to complete the virtual run distance of 5K. We encourage you to wear your race bib and have fun with the event—as much as Lab Week Run is a fundraiser it is also about promoting our profession during our week so that more people can learn who we are and how vital we are to healthcare.


Should I dress up?

That is entirely up to you. We had people dress up last year and hope to see more this year as this event is about promoting our profession during the week celebrating us.


How do I keep track of my time/pace?

The Medical Laboratory Professional virtual race is an honor system so no proof is required however we encourage you to upload pictures to https://www.labweekrun.com/index.php/submit/ after finishing as there are many wonderful prizes being awarded for creative participation! To keep track of your time there are many free applications available here: https://www.labweekrun.com/index.php/free-runner-apps/


I’ve completed my virtual run, now what?

Savor the glory! Submit your race photo(s) to https://www.labweekrun.com/index.php/submit/ and be sure to post to Facebook/social media as well!