Lab Week Run 2017 Photo Winners

Congratulations to our Photo Winners!

The Winner of the Kickstarter Game Pathogenesis for Best Scientist Costume(s) goes to:
Colorado Mesa University MLT Program

Honorable mentions going to Emily Meyer’s Group and Julie Vile

MediaLab, Inc Exam Simulator x 3 winners for most spirited student group go to:

University of West Florida MLS

Phillips Community College University of Arkansas MLT Program (PCCUA)

Colorado Mesa University MLT

Cards Against Humanity Game x3 for silliest photos go to:

Emily Su/Monmouth Medical Center MLS School

Blood Center of Wisconsin

Sentara Belle Harbour


Congratulations to our Raffle Winners for Lab Week Run 2017!

Stump the Pathologist Jennifer Oneill from Chicago, IL
It’s All Wright Courtney Schmeltz from Grand Junction, CO
Bacteriopolis marcella yee from Oahu, HI
Cuticle Whips
1 Allissa from Boston, MA
2 Kaylyn Patterson from Oak Park, IL
3 Erin Fredell from Eden Prairie, MN
4 Maria Hernandez from Saint Paul, MN
DNA Helix Necklace Desiree Evans from Hendersonville, TN
Giant Microbes
1 Sharon Peplinski from Rougemont, NC
2 Isabel Sy from Anchorage, AK
3 Pam Geiszler from MN
4 Wyatt Bardi from Apex, NC
5 FAHAD ALSAYYID from Prairie Ridge, WA
6 Kelley from Minneapolis, MN
7 Otelah Perry from Vermont
8 Jason Bell from Gem County, ID
1 Delmarie from Mexico
2 Jodie Prestholdt from Sayreville, New Jersey
3 Sheryl Leonard-Schneck from Hart Park, WI
4 Mary Ann McLane from Newark, DE
5 Bridget Aukes from Keota, IA
6 Cecilia Isaacs-Blundin from Philadelphia, PA
7 Allison Taunt from Grand Rapids, MI
8 Kathleen Summers from Terre Haute, IN
1 Jennifer Kushner from Plymouth, MI
2 Susie Stoltz from Hastings, MI
3 Jennifer from my gym
4 Michelle Sheperd from Worcester, MA
5 Djounaydi Counta from Charlotte, NC
6 Phuong Pegoraro from Florida
7 Rosie Vielman Garcia from Wayne Bunker Family Park
8 Wanda Faass from Carolina State Beach, NC
Svaha $20 Giftcards
1 Patty Jackman from Hopewell, NJ
2 Nattasha Counta from Charlotte, NC
3 Tommy Rex (Emily Su) from NJ
4 madeline knier from Wauwatosa, WI
5 Sue Johnson from Milwaukee, WI


Pathogenesis x 1


Designed by Jamie & Loren Cunningham in partnership with scientific illustrator somersault18:24, Pathogenesis is a deck building game in which players take on the role of bacterial pathogens attacking a human host. The pathogens must survive the body’s powerful immune response, adapt in an ever changing environment, and evolve to take on virulence factors to increase their attack, defense, and other abilities so that they may do enough damage to defeat the body before the human host becomes immune and all the players lose the game.

The creator of Pathogenesis has generously agreed to donate a copy of this game due out in June 2017 as a runner prize. For those who want to pre order Pathogenesis:


How to Win: Awarded to the best scientist costumed race participant(s) (can be group or individual)
Submit your participation photos to


MediaLab, Inc LabCE CLS Exam Simulator x3



Certification examinations, like the ASCP Board of Certification exam and the AMT certification exam are challenging and require thoughtful preparation. MediaLab’s Exam Simulator can help you and your students prepare for exams from ASCP, AMT, and more, including practice tests and materials for MLS / MT and MLT students. Available for purchase

How to Win: Awarded to the top 3 medical laboratory related programs (MLS, MLT, Phlebotomy, etc) showing the most spirit for Lab Week Run (groups preferred)
Submit your participation photos by May 8, 2017 to


Cards Against Humanity Core Game x 3



Be sure to check out the Science Ambassador Scholarship

A full tuition scholarship for a woman seeking an undergraduate degree in science, engineering, or math, funded by Cards Against Humanity. Scholarship funds will be provided from Cards Against Humanity’s Science Pack

The Science Ambassador Scholarship “Eligible STEM Fields Include:” page was also recently updated to include Medical Laboratory Science!

How to Win: Awarded to the 3 funniest/silliest race participant(s) photos (can be individual or group)

Submit your participation photos by May 8, 2017 to:


Joy Lacquer Nail Polishes “Because Science”





Available for purchase here:

To be raffled to 7 lucky race participants: 1 Stump the Pathologist Nail Polish, 1 It’s All Wright Nail Polish, 1 Bacteriopolis Nail Polish, 4 Pineapple Mango Cuticle Whip jars.

How to Win: Submit your race finish time before May 8th, 2017 to be eligible for the raffled prizes to

Horizontal DNA Necklace from Science Inspired Jewelry by SOMERSAULT18:24


Beautiful Science Inspired Jewelry in breathtaking variety available for purchase here:

If you purchase a necklace you also will support science education.
“By wearing this pendant you support science education. That’s right, we will invest 5$ of the profit in educational resources for scientists, students and teachers. Our goal is to make all these resources available for everyone. Read more about it here

How to Win: Submit your race finish time before May 8th, 2017 to be eligible for the raffled prizes to



Giant Microbes


Available for purchase here:

To be raffled to several lucky race participants: 8 White Blood Cell Giant Microbes, 8 Platelet Giant Microbes, 8 Red Blood Cell Giant Microbes


How to Win: Submit your race finish time before May 8th, 2017 to be eligible for the raffled prizes to


Svaha Apparel Gift Cards

Lab Week Run Participants can receive 30% off orders with the discount code: LABWEEKRUN30 until May 31, 2017. Svaha Apparel has amazing Science and Technology themed accessories, jewelry, and clothing for women, children, and babies!

To be raffled to 5 Lab Week Run participants: $20 Gift Cards



How to Win: Submit your race finish time before May 8th, 2017 to be eligible for the raffled prizes to



Lab Week Run thanks all of our generous Runner Prize sponsors for contributing these awesome prizes! Please be sure to check out the websites and support our sponsors.