Who are Medical Laboratory Professionals?

Medical Laboratory Professionals are individuals who work in allied health in several capacities.

Laboratory assistants aid the clinical laboratory in several capacities including receiving samples, centrifuging and delivering samples, as well as sometimes performing phlebotomy.

Phlebotomists are medical professionals trained to draw blood from a patient for clinical or medical testing, transfusions, donations, or research. Phlebotomists collect blood primarily by performing venipunctures, (or, for collection of minute quantities of blood, fingersticks).

A Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) also known as a Clinical Laboratory Technician is an allied health professional who holds a two-year associate degree. A Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) also known as  a Medical Technologist or Clinical Laboratory Scientist is an allied health professional who holds a four-year bachelor’s level degree. Both of these professionals analyze and test body fluids and tissues. This includes blood, urine, CSF, synovial fluid, all types of tissue samples, and almost any type of sample removed from a patient for testing. They are responsible for operating and maintaining complex analyzers that are used in a laboratory and ensuring the laboratory results of each patient are accurate and timely.

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Who is ASCLS?




The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science or (ASCLS) is a professional organization that provides advocacy, standards setting, education (professional and continuing), personal and professional development for clinical laboratory science practitioners. To learn more visit: http://www.ascls.org/


What is a ‘virtual race’?
A virtual race unlike a traditional race can be run at any time during Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (April 23rd through April 29th 2017) and can be run anywhere. Participants can walk, use a treadmill, run outside, or even run in another race concurrently. Participants can perform this race at any speed they like.


Who is Medical Laboratory Professional Virtual Run for?
Anyone and everyone but especially for Medical Laboratory Professionals! All funds raised will go to travel grants which benefit medical laboratory professionals by allowing greater participation in ASCLS by attending the ASCLS Annual Meeting and Legislative Symposium. These travel grants allow attendance by students, new professionals, and new members who otherwise may not be able to attend.


How does a virtual race work?

A virtual race offers flexibility that traditional races are often unable to. Participants can run, jog, or walk anywhere they wish. The Medical Laboratory Professional virtual race can be completed anywhere at any time during Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (April 23rd through April 29th 2017). The Medical Laboratory Professional virtual race is an honor system so no proof is required however we encourage you to upload pictures and talk about your race experience on our Facebook page. All race participants will receive a finisher’s medal, custom race bib, and entry into our prize drawings. We encourage you to sign up early so you can share your photos on Facebook after completing your virtual race!


Why is the Medical Laboratory Professional week run being held as a virtual race?

In a nutshell because the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science is just that—a professional organization comprised of hardworking clinical laboratory professionals located all over the United States at all different places at all different times. Coordinating local runs would be impossible with our organization’s demographics. Holding the Medical Laboratory Professional Week Run as a Virtual Race provides flexibility in time, location, and allows for more professionals to participate. With the advent of the World Wide Web we can share our photos and participation stories on www.labweekrun.com and Facebook after the race.


Who can participate?

Anyone, everyone! We encourage medical laboratory professionals to participate but also to invite friends and family as well. There are no restrictions and no age limits. We are based in the United States but International participation is welcome as well!


Can I complete the race with a group? Do we get any discounts as a group?

Racing with groups is encouraged! Group discounts will be available for 2017 and we are also proud to offer Medical Laboratory Student Discount Pricing for the 2017 Lab Week Run (student pricing must be coordinated by emailing admin@labweekrun.com) more details to come soon.


Is there a T shirt?


Yes but not included in the race packet. This year we are proud to offer T shirts through http://www.booster.com/labweekrun2017

Our T Shirt was designed with the help of www.LabRoots.com

Shirts are $15 each, style is Jerzees 50/50, T-shirt available in sizes YouthXS – 4XL (additional charges for larger sizes), shipping is $4.99 and when the campaign ends the shirts will be mailed directly to the address provided.

You do not need to buy a shirt to participate in Lab Week Run 2017 and you do not need to participate in Lab Week Run 2017 to buy a shirt.

Per our survey sent to 2016 Lab Week Run participants not everyone indicated wanting a T shirt so we found this to be the best solution.

The final Lab Week Run T Shirt Booster campaign will end at March 31, 2017 at which point all orders must be placed. T shirts will ship by April 18, 2017 in time for Lab Week 2017



Do you have a flyer I can use to bring to my hospital or school?

Yes! Our Lab Week Run 2017 Flyer is located here, thank you for helping us spread the word! Lab Week Run 2016 thrived thanks to the Medical Laboratory Community, we appreciate you telling your colleagues about the event.


Do I have to complete the distance all at one time or can I break it up into different days?

No, if you would like to complete your distance all at one time that is ok, and if you would like to complete the distance by breaking it up into different days that is ok too. In 2016 we had participants complete the distance in many ways (and not everyone ran or walked, we had hikers and participants in kayaks!)


When will I receive my finisher medal and race bib?

The 2017 Lab Week Run is proud to be shipping the Finisher Medals and Race Bibs together this year! 2017 Lab Week Run race packets will ship within a week after completing registration. Be sure to confirm your shipping address through PayPal before ordering to avoid delays in delivery.


Do the medals come with a ribbon?

Yes! Every medal will come with a ribbon!


Where are race funds going?

Funds raised will benefit American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science’s Student Forum and New Professionals New Members Forum

More about ASCLS Student Forum and New Professionals New Members Forum:
Purpose of the Student Forum and New Professionals New Members Forum:

To engage and inform individuals new to the profession and ASCLS about the various opportunities that membership affords. Forum driven activities will support the needs and interests of Forum members.

The ASCLS Student Forum coordinates the involvement and interest of students of the medical laboratory profession in the Society.

The New Professionals and New Members Forum (NPNMF) addresses the needs of New Professionals and New Members while planting the seeds for a promising future.

Travel grants for Students, New Professionals, and New Members allow those who are just now starting out in their careers to have the means to attend and participate in ASCLS National Meetings and ASCLS Legislative Symposium who otherwise might not be able to be involved.


Can I have a Tax Receipt for a tax write off?
Unfortunately no, ASCLS is a nonprofit organization so we are unable to offer this.


What if I just want to donate without registering?
Donations are always appreciated and will benefit the ASCLS Student Forum and New Professionals New Members Forum Travel Grants which allow more students, new professionals and professionals new to ASCLS to get involved by attending Legislative Symposium held in March in Washington, DC or the ASCLS Annual Meeting held in late July/early August.

To make a donation please click the PayPal button below:


I don’t live in the United States, can I still participate?
Yes but in order to receive your package you must pay additional shipping costs. Please email us prior to signing up to determine your shipping estimate and we will be happy to accommodate you!

Still have questions? Email us at admin@labweekrun.com and we will answer any questions you may have.